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November 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Cakes. Cupcakes. Breads. Cookies. Bars. Coffee. Tea. Juice.


Brought to you by the Monster Kitchen Fundamentals in Baking and Pastry Arts students (Batch 3), a variety of delectable and sweet food will be showcased on December 3, 2011, from 2:30 pm until 7:00pm at Thai Me Up Restaurant (located at Capistrano-Mabini Sts., CDOC).

What are you waiting for? For only P250.00, you will surely satisfy your sweet cravings with these unlimited, yummy treats!  Not only that, it will also be a good bonding with families and friends so don’t forget to invite them as well!

See you on the 3rd! 🙂

For details and ticket queries, please call Monster Kitchen at 71-4349/ 09177172468/ 09177074583 or visit their event page here.


Chef Hasset Go and the Culinary Institute of Cagayan de Oro

October 2, 2011 7 comments

White and Dark Chocolate Loaded Brownies. Chocolate Revel Bars. Macapuno-Graham Bars. Cashew Butterscotch Bars. Food for the Gods. Lemon Squares.

(More photos of the yummy pastries here.)

Sounds yummy right?

That’s what we learned from Chef Hasset Go‘s ALL THE BARS Workshop at the Culinary Institute of  Cagayan De Oro earlier.

As one of the instructors in the CIC, Chef Hasset Go has a remarkable track record in terms of baking and pastry arts. He has been featured in many TV shows and magazines as the youngest pastry chef at the age of 18. He also experienced working in many restaurants all over the country and is seen as a celebrity chef.

At 25, he now owns MedChef in Manila and together with Ms. Maribel Pineda and Mr. Rey Sumania, contrived the concept of Dessert Strip in Cagayan de Oro City.

For 3 hours of learning from Chef Hasset Go, we are now inspired to bake our own delicious pastries. The finish products are just irresistible!

If you wish to learn baking and pastry arts, the Culinary Institute of Cagayan de Oro, the first of its kind in Northern Mindanao, is offering baking programs with reputable chefs  as instructors. Not only that, there are other courses as well such as the Culinary Arts with Holistic Nutrition and other short courses offered throughout the year.

What’s good about the CIC is that they are very flexible in terms of schedule as they held classes on the days students prefer. Even the working group can go for culinary arts on weekends.

It’s mission of providing globally competitive education, CIC provides for extensive courses with world-class facilities, ingredients, and programs that would provide the best culinary experience for their students.

Since May 2010, they prove to be one of the best culinary schools in the country.

There are upcoming short courses in the next weeks to come such as Basic Cordon Bleu, Chocolate Truffle Makin, and Cookies and More.

For more queries, please call 852-1808, 309-3319, 09266765989, 09233027395, visit their website, or email them at You may also visit their facebook page.

Get your best culinary experience at CIC! 🙂

Pinoy Caesar Salad at Honeybaked Cafe and Restaurant

I’ve never been a fan of vegetable salads. One time, I just tried a dare and ordered  Pinoy Caesar Salad at Honeybaked Cafe and Restaurant and yeah, I instantly love it!

I think I’ll be going back to Honeybaked more often and try out their other salads. 🙂

Going green. 🙂

The Pinoy Caesar Salad I love.

It’s made up of cabbage, egg, chicharon, and other ingredients I could not identify. Oh, their “dip” is yummy!

Plus, the place got a nice and comfy ambience. A perfect place to savor a salad. hehehe. 🙂

Wifi is available. Plus points!


(Fettuccini Alfredo is also good. But I was not in the mood for Pasta that time.)

Honeybaked Cafe and Restaurant is located along Velez St., in front of City Central School, CDOC. 🙂

Hong Kong Noodle Factory

I’m not really a fan of noodles but since a friend of mine introduced this noodle cart in Robinsons, I can’t help but crave for ’em! 🙂 If you happen to pass by the 2nd level of Robinsons Supermarket, stop at Hong Kong Noodle Factory and grab a cup of noodles!

Their noodles are just like the instant noodles we buy from stores. But what I like about this ‘noodle factory’ is their sauces. They have Teriyaki, Oyster, Hot Chili, Sweet Chili, and the plain Soy Sauce. Their teriyaki sauce is different than the other teriyaki sauce I tasted and their oyster sauce is a must-try! 🙂

What I love to do is combine Teriyaki, Oyster, and Soy Sauce as seasoning to my noodles. It may sound weird but it tastes good for me! Go try it! 🙂

With P 32.00, you may have a cup of noodles for snacks and even for meals. One cup of noodles can already feed my hungry stomach. In fact, I sometimes make it as my lunch. 🙂

Now, this is my noodles with egg seasoned with teriyaki, oyster, and soy sauce. Love it!

Some other food are available as well.

Noodles! Noodles! Try Hong Kong Noodles now!

-The Kagay-anon! –




My love for crepes: Crepe Station

Woah! After 8 years, I was able to eat my favorite crepe once again! The CREPE Station located at the 4th level of Gaisano Mall had been my food haven when I was still in high school. Since our school was just a walking distance, we always hang-out in Gaisano and most often, my friends and I have crepes as snacks. Not only affordable, the CREPE Station offers the yummiest crepes in town! Simply the best!

Just recently, my friends and I dropped by Gaisano Mall to purchase some stuff and we happened to pass by the station. We gave it a try, of course! A reunion with my favorite comfort food before.

As you can see at the price list above, the crepes (with lots of variety to choose from) are affordable.

One thing I like about it is that the crepe is being cooked in front of me.

I’ve tried all the variants available before and  my most favorite is the Bacon, Cheese, and Egg. I recommend it. But it was not available the time we went there, so I had HAM and EGG instead. Not bad though.

Ingredients are mixed together and is being cooked in a small amount of cooking oil.

After that, the ingredients are placed in a “Lumpia” wrapper (I don’t know the original name). Mayonnaise and ketchup are being added afterwards.

Then, the wrapper is folded. The crepe is now ready to be served!

I got one bite immediately…

I think I’m going to have a craving for crepes once again! I want more! 🙂

The Kagay-anon!-

Kiwi Swirl Frozen Yogurt

I’m a sucker for yogurts! I came to love this healthy snack from the time it came out  in the market.

Now, it has evolved into a yummier version to cater to those who are not really fond of it!  This version is called Frozen Yogurts. It’s like an ordinary sundae but is healthier. One of which is Kiwi Swirl.

Since they built Kiwi Swirl Cafe, I’ve been a regular customer. Every time I pass by the area, I always make a point of having a frozen yogurt from their store. Their yogurts are cheap. You can buy a cup of it in less than a hundred. Plus, you can stay at their cozy cafe with free wifi.

My favorite is the one with ripe mangoes. This is what I order most often.

Look at the interior. Very cozy.

For a early morning treat or a lazy afternoon chill.

That’s my friend Jeza…

and I having our frozen yogurt treat!

 It’s located at Don Apolinar Velez St. corner Gaerlan St, CDOC.

For queries, email ’em at or visit their “Kiwi Swirl Frozen Yogurt” facebook page.

-The Kagay-anon!-





Soon to open: Camilla’s Snack Bar

Soon to open!!!

They offer sandwiches, pasta and coolers!

Located at Miranda Building, T.Chavez-Corrales Sts., Cagayan de Oro City.

Photos by Miguel Macariola
The Kagay-anon!-