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Kagay-an Festival’s Golden Float and Drum & Bugle Parade and Competition 2011

September 1, 2011 4 comments

Cagayan de Oro City’s Golden Float Parade and Competition last Saturday, August 27, 2011 was very successful. The Kagay-anons went to the streets to witness one of the awaited activities of the Golden Friendship’s Feast of St. Augustine. We, the CDOBloggers, were also there to cover for the event.

I found this parade SPECIAL!

It is the first time this year that the organizers of this activity combined the Golden Float and Drum & Bugle groups in one parade. That means to say, there were no dull moments as we wait for all the floats to pass by.

As usual, the different Drum & Bugle Corps. paraded in their colorful costumes and showcased their dancing and “instrument” abilities. Every group wowed the spectators!

What made it more special was the participation of City Central School’s SPED CENTER students. We are so glad that the teachers and the organizers made an effort and have gone a long way to let these children be included in activities such as this parade. Yes, they have talents too. And they can show to the whole world that they are worthy to be mainstreamed in our society. This is one great step to their full inclusion to the regular setting.

It was a wonderful sight!

Of course, the highlight goes to the different floats paraded. The floats were very spectacular. Each entry was made creatively and creators gave attention to details for sure. Cheers to the winning entry!

Despite being under the heat of the sun, people stayed and witnessed this once-in-a-year celebration! Till next years! Happy Fiesta!

More photos here.

The Kagay-anon!-



Kagay-an Festival 2011 Core Events Schedule

July 24, 2011 9 comments

Just a week from now and it will be the feast month of Cagayan de Oro City!!!! Fellow Kagay-anons and tourists, here is the schedule of the core events of this year’s Feast of St. Agustin:






Happy Feast Day Kagay-anons 2010!

August 28, 2010 2 comments

Happy Fiesta Cagayan de Oro 2010! Happy Feast Day of St. Augustin,Kagay-anons! 🙂

August 28, 2010. Our city fiesta. The City Of Golden Friendship feast day!

This day has been a very fun day for me. I was really able to feel the “feast” air. I enjoyed.

This morning, I was supposed to watch the Golden Float Parade. But because I woke up very late, I just stayed at home. 

1. Party Pilipinas Kapuso Mall Show

Went out at 11 am to go to SM Cagayan de Oro for an uptown shopping. When I arrived there ( I arrived there at 12 noon because of the heavy traffic. Hey, it’s fiesta!), I found out that there will be a Kapuso Mall Show at 2pm. Went immediately to the event center (second floor), only to find out the place was full already. The Kapuso Mall Show featured Party Pilipinas casts : Emir Actress and The Next Big Star Champion Frensheska Farr, Gian Magdangal, and CDO’s pride “Pop hearthrob” Mark Bautista.  I just stayed at the back standing.  

Fortunately, at 12 : 30 something, a couple stood up from their seats. I immediately took one seat. Heavens!

The show started at 1:30 pm. The artists had their individual numbers. They even co-hosted the games. The audience interacted with them. It ended at almost 3pm after singing the Party Pilipinas theme song.  

I took videos of their performances which will uploaded on my youtube account — littlebrat2k.

2. Meet and Greet with JC De Vera

After the Kapuso Mall Show I unintentionally attended, I decided to start shopping. Went to the supermarket to buy groceries. When I arrived there, I noticed that there was a big crowd of people gathering in one place screaming.

Curiously,  I walked towards the crowd. Poof! There he was, JC De Vera standing in the middle of a mini-stage with people. They were taking pictures. Then, I found out that it was actually a meet and greet activity initiated by Unilever. We only had to purchase a minimum of P100.00 of the featured products to get a photo opportunity with the young actor. You know what, I grabbed the chance, not minding the cost. 🙂

After the meet and greet with JC De Vera, I strolled along the mall finding something to buy. I actually ended up buying nothing except for the Mayonnaise from the meet-and-greet.

3. Fair Trade

Since I had nothing to do at SM, I decided to go to LimKetKai Mall just to find out what’s in there.

I did not find something interesting there, except for the Fair Trade at the center of the mall. So, I jumped from one booth to another, looking  at the products. I bought only one product, Pastel of Camiguin. 🙂

Strolled along the mall again and bought Zagu’s Black Forest for refreshment.

Then, my friend Jovy texted me to meet her at Xavier University.

4. Thai Me Up!

Last week, Jovy texted us (her colleagues in College) and talked about a mini-reunion. 🙂 I immediately said YES since I knew I will be available today. She organized the whole activity and informed us about the details. We planned to eat at Thai Me Up (Thai Restaurant in CDOC) and videoke afterwards at Wilsbar. We met up at Xavier University Main Campus. Jovy, Paula, Vanda, Rovan, and I chatted while waiting for the others. After a few minutes, Vanda and Rovan bid farewell.  When Shem arrived, we headed to Thai Me Up immediately since we were all hungry already.

It was not my first time to visit the restaurant. In fact, it has become my favorite restaurant in the city. They have a good ambience. They offer affordable yet delicious meal. They have warm and friendly staff. And they play BOSSA NOVA music. My kind of place, indeed!

The four of us just chatted while eating. We talked anything under the sun.

At almost 8 pm, we went out and proceed to Divisoria for the videoke plan. But upon arriving there, we changed plans (because of time constraints) and bid each other farewell. Then, I went home.

It was so good to be with these guys again. It has been awhile since we last hang-out.

I had a very good City Fiesta celebration! 🙂

Before this day ends, Happy Fiesta once again! Till next year! 🙂

–The Kagayanon!–