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“My Favorite Cakes” by Chef Hasset Go

We, the CDOBloggers, were invited again by the Culinary Institute of Cagayan de Oro to cover for one of their yearly events. Yesterday, February 19, 2012, was their Open House which includes the “My Favorite Cakes” cooking demo of celebrity Chef Hasset Go.

Just like what happened in the “All The Bars” workshop we attended last year, Chef Hasset taught all of the participants how to bake some of the best-selling cakes they have.

 We also learned some terms and techniques in baking to produce quality and delicious cakes and pastries.

Not only that, some of the participants were also given a chance to try some of the tasks in baking such as folding the mixture and decorating the cake.

Here are the two products after the session: the Chocolate Truffle Cake and the Caramel Custard Cake which we were able to try and love instantly!

 We were so glad to be given this chance to learn baking once again! Thanks to CIC! Thanks Chef Hasset! 🙂

For queries on CIC’s different courses and programs, you may call them at 8521808 or 09266765989.

Photo credit: 8th and 9th photo in this blog by Vincent Udasco 

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