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Run United – Cagayan de Oro Leg

Fulfilled one of my biggest aim  this year — to participate in Unilab’s RUN UNITED!

I was really excited when they announced that there will be a regional series and one of the venues would be here in my hometown, Cagayan de Oro City.

It became one of my most anticipated runs of this year and I was able to do it! Yes!

Ran 10 K for 1 hour and 13 minutes. That’s a one-minute less than my 1st 10k run in Manila. It’s not a bad record for somebody who did a lot of walking, chatting, and picture along the way. I enjoyed it!

10 K runners wait for our turn at the starting line

At the starting line… and it actually rained!



and 1 more kilometer left!

At the finish line with my co-teachers’ Am and Jez who are runners as well

10 K finisher, once again!


games after the run!

The prizes we got after the run!! Love it! 🙂 





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