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First Halloween Fun Run in CDO

Hi everyone! I’m back! Yeah, it’s been awhile since my last blogpost because my LOVE’s here. What am I up to lately? Was very busy in the past few weeks. Attended a lot of activities especially on the first week of November (it was my semester break) and I’m actually dying to blog ’em all. I just wish I have the luxury of time to just blog, blog, and blog.

As you would notice, I am really fond of running. I started this addiction in February of this year and since then, no one could stop me from going an extra mile. And recently, I got to participate in a unique fun run here in CDO. It was the first Halloween Fun Run and people were running in their craziest costumes! From superheros, disney characters, cartoon characters, and halloween characters, everybody geared up for the craziest fun run this year!

Of course, I was there to RUN. I chose to be on the safe side by wearing a “customized” cheerleader costume which was still comfortable. I ran with my friend and we became sexy cheerleaders that night.  I was still able to beat my record while enjoying the run. Though there were some glitches (which made me so disappointed that time), what is important is that I was able to give back to the community since the fun was also for a cause.

Here are my pre and post run photos:

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