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35th Milo Marathon (So frustrating for me.)

The 35th MILO Marathon – Cagayan de Oro leg. So discouraging and frustrating.

Well, it’s really not about the organizers. In fairness to those who organized the event, it was successful. My frustration is actually personal, especially that this was my first MILO Marathon.

First, this is the first time I ran without a race bib. I won’t be telling why but at the beginning of the race, I was not motivated anymore because I did not have such thing. I would really like to have the bib because it has a timing chip  and I would love to know my exact running time. Not only that, I have to be in the crowd so that the organizers would not see me running without the bib. As we all know, a runner is supposed to show/ wear his/her bib in the course of running.

Second, because I did not have the race bib, I decided not to finish the run. Yes. I stopped at the entrance of the sports center and did not mind reaching the finish line. Thus, I wasn’t able to get my finisher’s certificate.

Third: During the run, I had to crisscross many times because people were just like strolling in the mall. There were just too many 5K runners and I think most of them were required by their schools. So I guess, that’s a lesson for me. I will never ever run 5K in a Milo Marathon again. Will opt for 10K next time.

Lastly, the race started kinda late. Even my friends would say that. It was already very hot when the race ended.

On the positive side, I actually love the route of the 5K run. I just hoped I had my race bib. And this is also the first time I run with one of my best friends. Aww. Nice.

And by the way, I did not give much effort because I just had my hair “rebonded”, so no super duper sweat for me! hehe. 🙂




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