Shared Vision: The DNA of Leadership

The 2nd Leadership Conference with the theme “Shared Vision: The DNA of Leadership” was successful. With high school students from the different schools in the city as participants, I am so blessed and very thankful for the opportunity of being able to share my insights and experiences in terms of leadership. I hope that I was able to inspire and motivate, in one way or another, these student-leaders to find means and ways to unleash their potentials as leaders.

I really like the theme of this year’s conference because it talks a lot about cooperation and mutual understanding which is very important in groups or organizations. The basic idea is that a group should have one objective and aim to be able to work together in unity for them to reach the goal.

So, I went there and I was excited to share and deepen the topic. Because I was tasked to provide a “seminar-workshop”, I had to think of an activity that would eventually lead to the discussion of the theme. Fortunately, from my leadership workshops before, I was able to provide an activity that made the students realize the importance of having a shared vision.

Let me show you the photos from the event.

That’s me preparing for my visual presentation while I was being introduced.

I had to give instructions for the activity first.

The groups were given materials right away to fulfill their objective.

And I would have to observe the process because it has to deepened in the discussion later on.

The groups presented their outputs after 20 minutes.

I also asked some of the participants to answer deepening questions about the activity they did.

Oh… and this is the discussion part.

These are the participative student-leaders.

And these are the supportive organizers which helped me a lot with my talk. 🙂

Thank you again and again for this wonderful opportunity! I’m hoping to do this next time! ❤







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