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Up Dharma Down Live in CDO!

October 26, 2011 Leave a comment

Can somebody convince me to watch this show? I would love to see Up Dharma Down live! 🙂

up dharma down









Million Volunteer Run (Red Cross)

October 20, 2011 4 comments

After its Eco Run last September, RED CROSS is organizing another running event for this year! Same as with before, it’s for a good cause. The MILLION VOLUNTEER RUN hopes to “empower Filipinos against the dangers of disasters by training first responders and blood donors in preparation for any catastrophic event.”

It will be on December 4, 2011 with a registration fee of P500.00 for the 5K run. It includes Red Cross 143 ID Card, Million Volunteer Run T-Shirt, Whistle, and Race Bib.  Plus, I love the route! 🙂

Hopefully, they will organize it better this time. I do not want what happened during the Eco Run to happen again.






35th Milo Marathon (So frustrating for me.)

October 19, 2011 Leave a comment

The 35th MILO Marathon – Cagayan de Oro leg. So discouraging and frustrating.

Well, it’s really not about the organizers. In fairness to those who organized the event, it was successful. My frustration is actually personal, especially that this was my first MILO Marathon.

First, this is the first time I ran without a race bib. I won’t be telling why but at the beginning of the race, I was not motivated anymore because I did not have such thing. I would really like to have the bib because it has a timing chip  and I would love to know my exact running time. Not only that, I have to be in the crowd so that the organizers would not see me running without the bib. As we all know, a runner is supposed to show/ wear his/her bib in the course of running.

Second, because I did not have the race bib, I decided not to finish the run. Yes. I stopped at the entrance of the sports center and did not mind reaching the finish line. Thus, I wasn’t able to get my finisher’s certificate.

Third: During the run, I had to crisscross many times because people were just like strolling in the mall. There were just too many 5K runners and I think most of them were required by their schools. So I guess, that’s a lesson for me. I will never ever run 5K in a Milo Marathon again. Will opt for 10K next time.

Lastly, the race started kinda late. Even my friends would say that. It was already very hot when the race ended.

On the positive side, I actually love the route of the 5K run. I just hoped I had my race bib. And this is also the first time I run with one of my best friends. Aww. Nice.

And by the way, I did not give much effort because I just had my hair “rebonded”, so no super duper sweat for me! hehe. 🙂




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Polio Run 2011 (I got 6th place!!!!)

October 16, 2011 Leave a comment

So I got 6th place in the recently concluded Polio Run here in Cagayan de Oro City. Ran 5K and I was so glad to be part of the top 10 finishers in the Women’s category. This is a great achievement for me since I really did not train for the running event.  Not to mention that this is the first time I ran without a company. This is so unexpected. Clap! Clap!

I wasn’t able to take photos during the run because I did not have a friend with me. So yeah, here are the photos after the Polio Run! 🙂

Before the start of the Polio Run

After the run

6th place. ❤

Freebies!!! 🙂

This keeps me motivated to go on running!!!!! 🙂 More runs soon!







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Shared Vision: The DNA of Leadership

October 9, 2011 Leave a comment

The 2nd Leadership Conference with the theme “Shared Vision: The DNA of Leadership” was successful. With high school students from the different schools in the city as participants, I am so blessed and very thankful for the opportunity of being able to share my insights and experiences in terms of leadership. I hope that I was able to inspire and motivate, in one way or another, these student-leaders to find means and ways to unleash their potentials as leaders.

I really like the theme of this year’s conference because it talks a lot about cooperation and mutual understanding which is very important in groups or organizations. The basic idea is that a group should have one objective and aim to be able to work together in unity for them to reach the goal.

So, I went there and I was excited to share and deepen the topic. Because I was tasked to provide a “seminar-workshop”, I had to think of an activity that would eventually lead to the discussion of the theme. Fortunately, from my leadership workshops before, I was able to provide an activity that made the students realize the importance of having a shared vision.

Let me show you the photos from the event.

That’s me preparing for my visual presentation while I was being introduced.

I had to give instructions for the activity first.

The groups were given materials right away to fulfill their objective.

And I would have to observe the process because it has to deepened in the discussion later on.

The groups presented their outputs after 20 minutes.

I also asked some of the participants to answer deepening questions about the activity they did.

Oh… and this is the discussion part.

These are the participative student-leaders.

And these are the supportive organizers which helped me a lot with my talk. 🙂

Thank you again and again for this wonderful opportunity! I’m hoping to do this next time! ❤







CDOBloggers 3rd Blogging Workshop

October 7, 2011 Leave a comment

The CDOBloggers will hold its 3rd Blogging Workshop on the 22nd of October 2011. This year apart from the bloggers the group is aiming to help the online entrepreneurs and those who want to have what it takes to work conveniently at home through the topics relevant to them. The speakers are notable and well versed with the topics they are going to share and discuss so it’s a guarantee that the participants will go home armed with more information to help them grow as online marketers.

The topics are as listed:
Public Relations & Blogging by Maria Irene Aserios
Web/Internet Marketing by Al Jedidiah Aquino
Social Media, SEO by Venus Mabale & Eldie Aban

The workshop will be held at the 3rd Floor of Loreto’s Grill and Restaurant – King Arthur Room from 1:00-5:00 PM. Loreto’s Grill and Restaurant is situated at #35 Tomas Saco 6th Nazareth, Cagayan de Oro City.

Ticket is at P300.00 which includes a meal for one.

Seats are limited. We can only accommodate 75 heads. Grab your tickets now! :)

For inquiries, contact:
Em Cortez – 09177194346
Elva Agbon – 09165853700






Chef Hasset Go and the Culinary Institute of Cagayan de Oro

October 2, 2011 7 comments

White and Dark Chocolate Loaded Brownies. Chocolate Revel Bars. Macapuno-Graham Bars. Cashew Butterscotch Bars. Food for the Gods. Lemon Squares.

(More photos of the yummy pastries here.)

Sounds yummy right?

That’s what we learned from Chef Hasset Go‘s ALL THE BARS Workshop at the Culinary Institute of  Cagayan De Oro earlier.

As one of the instructors in the CIC, Chef Hasset Go has a remarkable track record in terms of baking and pastry arts. He has been featured in many TV shows and magazines as the youngest pastry chef at the age of 18. He also experienced working in many restaurants all over the country and is seen as a celebrity chef.

At 25, he now owns MedChef in Manila and together with Ms. Maribel Pineda and Mr. Rey Sumania, contrived the concept of Dessert Strip in Cagayan de Oro City.

For 3 hours of learning from Chef Hasset Go, we are now inspired to bake our own delicious pastries. The finish products are just irresistible!

If you wish to learn baking and pastry arts, the Culinary Institute of Cagayan de Oro, the first of its kind in Northern Mindanao, is offering baking programs with reputable chefs  as instructors. Not only that, there are other courses as well such as the Culinary Arts with Holistic Nutrition and other short courses offered throughout the year.

What’s good about the CIC is that they are very flexible in terms of schedule as they held classes on the days students prefer. Even the working group can go for culinary arts on weekends.

It’s mission of providing globally competitive education, CIC provides for extensive courses with world-class facilities, ingredients, and programs that would provide the best culinary experience for their students.

Since May 2010, they prove to be one of the best culinary schools in the country.

There are upcoming short courses in the next weeks to come such as Basic Cordon Bleu, Chocolate Truffle Makin, and Cookies and More.

For more queries, please call 852-1808, 309-3319, 09266765989, 09233027395, visit their website, or email them at You may also visit their facebook page.

Get your best culinary experience at CIC! 🙂