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Sitti is coming to CDO once again! :) :)

Just 2 weeks ago, I received a query from an online friend about Sitti’s show in CDO. I did not know about it ‘coz The Sittizens in Manila usually post Sitti’s schedule a week before the beginning of the next month. Because I was also intrigued with my friend’s query, I immediately ask Sitti through her personal  facebook account about her CDO visit. She confirmed it!

Though she was not sure if the event is for a show or a function, the moment I read her response, I felt excited right away! My favorite Queen of Bossa Nova is coming to CDO once again! I was just praying that it would be a show.

I became more excited when I saw the following poster last Saturday:

You could just imagine how I happy I was when I saw this poster. I was supposed to watch her gig last Friday at The Fort in Makati but because of heavy rain in Manila, I wasn’t able to go. Fortunately, it was replaced with this good news! Though it’s not really her own show, just the thought of being able to watch her sing live again makes me look forward to that day.

Hopefully, this would really push through. I’m keeping my fingers crossed with this one. 🙂

See yah!

Spread the bossa love,

The Sittizen of Cagayan de Oro,

The Kagay-anon,

Roxanne 😉

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