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All-4-One and Color Me Badd Live in CDOC!

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I grew up listening to their songs and I just won’t let this pass. Need to watch this once-in-a-lifetime concert!

Can somebody give me a ticket?


Miss Kagay-an 2011 Coronation Night

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Miss Kagay-an 2011 Coronation Night? Take a look.

The Kagay-anon!-

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The N is in!

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Sharing to you some photos of the new N HOTEL of Cagayan de Oro. Located at the Kauswagan Highway, in front of Jollibee NHA Kauswagan.

Receiving area

The simple but elegant building

Swimming pool

Swimming pool at night

BON Cafe at the N Hotel

Wifi Zone

Cozy ambience

That’s me!!! 🙂


Superior Room – P2500.00

De Luxe Room – P 2800.00

Junior Suite – P 5000.00

Family Room (11 persons) – P 9,950.00

Family Room (15 persons) – P 13, 510.00

Family Room (18 persons) – P 16, 240.00

*Room rates with complementary breakfast and free use of swimming pool

Telephone Nos.: (088) 880-1924, (08822) 73-59-69

Email address:


– The Kagay-anon!-





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Sitti explains onstage.

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Aside from my blog and my backstage video of Sitti, here are my videos of Sitti onstage as she explains what really happened during her CDOC show last August 19, 2011.

For copyright purposes, I posted these videos as private. If you wish to gain access, let me know by posting a comment on this blog.


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Sitti explains her side.

August 20, 2011 1 comment

What really happened at Julio and Sitti’s concert last night?

August 19, 2011 145 comments

I arrived at the venue at6:30 pmthinking that the show would start at7pm.Few minutes after, people began coming in but we were not still allowed to enter Rodelsa Hall. We waited until one of the concert-goers complained about the time. Just the same, we were not allowed to enter yet but were only given chairs to settle down. After 1 hour and 30 minutes, (yes, we waited that long) another person complained and went upstairs to talk to the organizer. That was the time we were ushered inside the hall.


Undoubtedly, the venue was not fully-packed because the show was not publicized well. In fact, many of my friends and other people from the media did not know about it. Before this concert, I was trying to search for the name of the production company “Catch Entertainment” and the main artist “Julio” but was not able to get some information. In all honesty, I (and the other audience based from what I heard from them) went there because Sitti was guesting. I only even bought the cheapest ticket (which was {P300) because I knew Sitti will be performing few songs only. When I entered the concert hall, I was actually ushered to the P1000 area perhaps because I think the ushers were not really oriented properly. How lucky I was, I thought.

The show started at almost 9pm. That’s almost 2 hours delayed. The main artist “Julio” came in singing an unfamiliar song (an old song perhaps) with contemporary dancers. This time, I was thinking “this would be a great show probably”, not boring with the dancers around. Julio ended his first song and sang another one. I wasn’t able to focus because as I said I was just there for Sitti. Before Julio started his 3rd song, I was disappointed to hear from him a bad news. He said “Sitti is not feeling well tonight. We’ll try to ask her to sing with me later”. You could just imagine how worried I was when I heard that. I immediately texted Sitti’s PA who was not with her that time and he called me. I explained to him it was announced that Sitti was actually sick. He denied it. He said Sitti was there just ready to go onstage. That was the time I knew something was wrong.

After a few songs from Julio, he went out of the stage and the band just kept on playing for about 10 minutes. It was a dull moment. Such a waste of time. People began to doubt if Sitti was really there. They began calling Sitti’s name, some shouted “Refund! Refund!” and some just complained about how crappy the show was. I knew Sitti was just around but something went wrong.

Ate Irene (Sittizen fromManila) texted me and inquired what was happening in CDO? According to her, Sitti posted something on facebook and twitter and it was something bad. Something was wrong with the show indeed.

I was in the middle of talking to her when Sitti went onstage.

Sitti did not perform right away but explained to everybody what really happened. The reason she did not come onstage right away because the production (which was headed by the main artist Julio himself) did not follow the contract. Supposedly as stipulated in the contract, she needs to receive the 50% balance first before performing. She was also disappointed when Julio announced that she was not feeling well when in fact, she’s in perfect condition and was already at the venue at5pmready to perform. She did not want to be the bad girl of the show, so she went onstage to explain everything. Being a good performer that she is, she still performed 4 songs to please the audience. I knew the sympathy of the audience was with her right away. After that, she announced that she would be doing autograph signing backstage.

Then, Julio came in and told everybody that he was the one who paid Sitti’s airfare, accommodation, food, etc. and that the show was his show. Sitti lost her patience perhaps that she went onstage again and confronted Julio right in front of the audience. Sitti blatantly said Sir Julius Pacana (Julio) lied and she did not like it. The audience was booing to Julio now. Sitti announced again that she will be having autograph signing backstage. Julio, on the other hand, reiterated that it was his show and that the show must go on.

When he started singing, I stood up and began walking towards exit. I noticed people were also doing the same thing. Yes, we were heading backstage.

I was the first one to arrive there and went inside right away.

I was just so happy when Sitti knew me and my name. I told her how brave she was and how unfortunate she became a victim of this scam. While she was signing my CD, she explained everything. She said that some of her friends based here in CDO gave her warning already but she still went on the show as advised by her management. Facts began pouring in and we learned that even the band, the sound system (the reason the show was delayed), the venue were not paid yet. The production did not even provide food for her. It was only the staff from Rodelsa who accommodated her.  Even the issue on how Karylle was not paid before also came out. We then realized the show was just a big joke.

Sitti and I backstage

Sitti and the band who were not paid as well

Sitti showed how she is as professional singer and how she values her fans and followers so much. I don’t know if there were remaining audience watching Julio perform but undoubtedly, many have expressed they were on Sitti’s side.


She then had autograph signing onstage while Julio stayed at the sides. True enough, people watched the show because of Sitti.


The Bossa Nova Queen backstage

Overall, it was not bad after all. Julio got his reward and now, he should be banned from the business and entertainment industry.



FYI, just in case you don’t know who Julius Pacana is, this is how he looks like:

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On Blogging.

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I could not exactly remember when I started blogging but it was sometime in high school when I began exploring the internet. I started writing my thoughts and experiences on the famous Friendster then. What I liked about blogging is that I was able to air out all my sentiments and people, mostly my friends, would comment and suggest on what I’m writing about. When I learned about Blogger in college, I continued my online diary there.

However, I was not able to sustain it since I became very busy in College. I forgot my Blogger account and focused more on Multiply. I did not religiously blog anymore.

It was only last year when I became interested in blogging again. In Manila, I was able to meet my friend from Iloilo who’s having a part time job online. I learned that she was a blogger and gave me the link of her website. When I saw it, I was motivated to do the same thing. I created my personal blog right away.

I never knew that the blogging community is very big already until I met CdoBloggers. I began to appreciate blogging more, especially on its impact on people as a social media.  Not only that, I realized that blogging now has leveled up from how we perceive it before. Today, it’s not just having an online diary but taking it as business as well. Yes, there is money in blogging and anyone could just explore its financial opportunities.

Right now, I am still in the process of learning a lot about this financial aspect in blogging. And I am very much willing to learn more. This does not mean I will delete and ignore my current blog tough but it also does not mean I will prevent myself from creating another blog. A niche blog that is.

Looking forward to more blogging years ahead!