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Limketkai Freedom Run 2011

Here oh! here oh! Just sharing the photos from the Limketkai Freedom Run last week. I was not able to get photos myself because I did not bring a camera with me. How’s the run? I was really really excited with this one because it would be first time to experience using the automated timing chip. The timing chip is a device used to record the running time of a participant accurately. No need for a manual clock.

This time, I was able to beat my previous running record. In the Kidney Run just 2 weeks before this run, I was able to finish 5K at 42 minutes. This time, I was able to finish it in 38 minutes which made me get the 36th spot out of the 177 participants in the female category. Not bad, yes!

That’s me and my co-teacher Jeza making our way to the finish line!

The crowd

The Automated Timing Chip placed in our bibs

Results taken from Circle Productions’ website

See you in the next Freedom Run!

The Kagayanon!-

The first 2 photos in this blog are from Circle Productions.

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