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Crazy little thing called LOVE.

Do you remember the first time you said you love me?

I was in awe when I read it. Though it was only written in that little chatbox, it never failed to send shivers down my spine. It was direct to the point. No pretensions. No holds-barred.  Just plain expression of what you feel. It was more than beautiful.

That was 11pm of April 26, 2011.


Do you remember the first time you wrote me a letter?

 When I received your first letter, I believed you were sincere then. I asked myself “Where can I find a guy like that?” I thought letters are obsolete now but you’ve proven it wrong. They’re the sweetest thing a girl like me could ever receive. Even if it took you a long, long time to finish one, it doesn’t matter. The effort and time is well-appreciated and well-loved. The output? Way way beyond my expectation. It was wonderfully made.

That was 9pm of May 13, 2011.


Do you remember the first time you cry because of my letter?

 We started exchanging letters of love. I couldn’t help but reply every time you send me one. I don’t know why. One thing’s for sure; every thing comes from my heart. The second time I wrote a letter, I was shocked with your reaction. You cried. You cried like a baby. If it was not true, you’re a good actor then. But I know it’s real. And those were tears of joy. I did not know you’re emotional. But I was happy to know you liked it.

That was 8pm of May 26, 2011.


Do you remember the day when I received your first gifts?

This was a surprise! I never really thought you were very serious about me until I met your grandpa and aunt at my own house. It was an early Sunday morning and everything came in yellow. I did not know what to say. I was speechless. I realized then, you did all the possibilities to reach out. Even if you’re so away, you made your presence here. So far yet so near.

That was 10 am of May 29, 2011.


Do you remember the first day we became official?

 That day when I met your grandpa and aunt, I’ve made a decision to give you a chance. After all, I was slowly falling in love with you. Why wait for months when we can have it now? Many people would think negative about long-distance relationships. Many people would judge. Many people would question. But who cares?! It’s not about them. It’s about us. The future isn’t there yet. What is important is NOW. We’re happy and that is all that matters. When I finally said I love you too, the journey began.

That was 6am of June 1, 2011.


I don’t care what other people say now. We will work this out. We will make this possible. We will try to endure.

Right, love?

  1. Eric
    June 7, 2011 at 9:08 pm

    i love you love

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