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Kiwi Swirl Frozen Yogurt

I’m a sucker for yogurts! I came to love this healthy snack from the time it came out  in the market.

Now, it has evolved into a yummier version to cater to those who are not really fond of it!  This version is called Frozen Yogurts. It’s like an ordinary sundae but is healthier. One of which is Kiwi Swirl.

Since they built Kiwi Swirl Cafe, I’ve been a regular customer. Every time I pass by the area, I always make a point of having a frozen yogurt from their store. Their yogurts are cheap. You can buy a cup of it in less than a hundred. Plus, you can stay at their cozy cafe with free wifi.

My favorite is the one with ripe mangoes. This is what I order most often.

Look at the interior. Very cozy.

For a early morning treat or a lazy afternoon chill.

That’s my friend Jeza…

and I having our frozen yogurt treat!

 It’s located at Don Apolinar Velez St. corner Gaerlan St, CDOC.

For queries, email ’em at kiwi.swirl@yahoo.com or visit their “Kiwi Swirl Frozen Yogurt” facebook page.

-The Kagay-anon!-





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