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Bossa Nova Nights at Mexitalian Hammer Time

When I found out that it’s a Bossa Nova Night every wednesday night at Mexitalian Hammer  Time, I was excited to visit the place! So yesterday, Wella and I went to Hammer  Time to experience the bossa feel. We got there at almost 8pm and immediately heard the wonderful bossa music. The group performed very familiar bossa nova songs (take it from a bossa nova addict like me) so I was like singing along with them the whole time. They performed songs like So Nice, At Seventeen, and I’ll Take Care Of You. They also played bossa nova renditions of popular love songs like Stuck On You, Sad To Belong, The Past, and Insensitive. They even played Sitti‘s songs. Here’s a video I took of the band singing a popular filipino bossa  nova song entitled PARA SA  AKIN:

Sorry for the low quality of the video. The audio is great though! 

By the way, what’s great about Hammer Time is that they allow the audience to jam with the band. A guy from the crowd  last night even sang Beautiful In My Eyes. 

I will be back for sure! Experience Bossa Nova nights at Mexitalian Hammer Time! Hopefully, I’ll be able to have the courage to jam next time!

The Kagay-anon!-

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