Metro Manila 2011

Hi! I just recently went to Manila to attend an event  (work-related) there and it was so memorable!

I’ve been to Manila many times already but I haven’t really got the chance to roam around the metro (since it has always been just a side trip) until this recent trip of mine. I enjoyed it!

I won’t be giving a very-detailed blog of this trip  since I know it would bore you to death (Most of  the time, we were doing some work-related stuff). Instead, I’ll just be showing some of the things we did that you can do in Manila too.  Hope this will be a great help to newbies in the metro. 🙂


Green Hills. It is where you can find a lot of beautiful stuff with very cheap prizes. I got to buy shoes, bags, and other accessories during our visit there.  It did not cost me more than a thousand to have complete outfit! You can even haggle too! Plus, it’s convenient and comfortable unlike other bargain shops.

Eastwood City, Libis. Restaurants, Galleries, Boutiques, Entertainment. You name it, Eastwood has it! It’s a nice place to just chill! You might even spot a celebrity or two. 🙂

Museums. In Manila, you can visit a lot of museums where you can learn a lot about the Filipino culture and history. I find the National Museum very educational. It’s a must-visit! 🙂

Rates: Museo ng Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas – P100.00 ; National Museum – P100.00

Manila Ocean Park. One of the enjoyable tourist spots in Manila. See the beauty of marine life! 🙂

Rate: For P500.00, you get to visit the Oceanarium, Jellies (Dancing Jelly Fishes), Marine Nature Park (Sea Lions), and the Marine Show. It will take you approximately half day to tour the place.

Watch the Jellies:

Punchline. If you are IN for a night of fun and music, why not try going to comedy bars like Punchline? It will not hurt. Just prepare yourself. hehehe 🙂

Rate: It depends. When we went to Punchline, the entrance fee was P250.00 and we still have to buy our drinks. The guest for that night was Regine Velasquez’ famous impersonator ANTON DIVA.

Aliwan Fiesta. The best time to visit Manila is when there are feasts / festivals happening where you get to watch parades of colorful floats and dancing filipinos showcasing the rich Philippine culture.

Fun Run. If you are a fitness and running buff like me, Manila is the best place to go! There are lots of fun runs and marathons happening every now and then. It was so great that when the time we visited Manila, there was a running event and it’s even for a cause. I grabbed the opportunity, of course! 🙂

The best part of this trip? The MRT Ride!!!

More places to visit in my next trip to Manila! Till then! 🙂

-The Kagay-anon!-

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