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The 11-inches Pizza and I

I never really thought I could finish an ’11 inches’ pizza until yesterday. I just had to do it because it was one of my pre-birthday dares. Good thing a friend/blogger accompanied me and she had her 11 inches pizza too. There is really no secret at all. Just be prepared of getting bloated after. You may even experience a headache too. LOL

I was really excited at first. In fact, I became so hungry when I saw the pizza. Hawaiian is my favorite.

Two 11-inches pizza for me and my friend. We started eating right away. The first slice was great! I really love this pizza. It’s from Bianos, by the way.

My friend and I chatted and chatted until we realized we already ate half of our pizzas. We even exchanged slices! Her ‘Supremos’ was also delicious. 🙂

We did not have a problem until we both have 3 slices left. It was already difficult to finish the pizza. We were already full!!!!!

We even have to stand and move our bodies (and stretch and jump) hoping to be hungry again! That was silly. 🙂

I don’t know if our jumping and stretching helped but we made our way to our last slice!!!

And after one last heavy breath, we’re done!!!! Yey!!!

THIS is quite an achievement for me. I’m proud of myself! *tears of joy*


‘Till my next gluttony trip! Who wants to come along?


-The Kagay-anon!-

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