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So what is this all about?

April 29, 2011 Leave a comment

I dunno.

There is a thing that happens in our lives where we could not exactly identify what is it all about. This thing is a mystery, a story yet to unfold. Exciting, yes, but what to expect is still a blur. We tend to expect for things that will make us happy but along the way, as we journey to that, we sometimes get confused. Because what we really thought could happen may not be the “could-happen” we wanted. We are deceived not by others but by ourselves because we let ourselves fall into that “thing”.

Am I just going round and round?

I dunno.

Why am I writing this?

I’m not exactly sure why.

But the thing is ever since I started blogging and be active online, my life has been in one great turmoil. Don’t get me wrong. I am enjoying its perks, really — especially in meeting people. Wonderful people. People I learned to get along with and people I began to love.

So, whats the con?

Shameless to say but I’m falling in love with one person whom I’ve met online. It’s not on chatting. More on the blogging world. And somehow, I know it’s not good. Me becoming addicted to the internet has led me to this thing which is not supposed to happen. I mean I have a life outside the internet and I could meet a  lot of people there. Plus the fact that the virtual world is not considered permanent.

So, why go with that?

Because I let myself believe his lines. Lines he wrote. Poetic. Romantic. All in that tiny little chatbox. All in that tiny cellphone screen. Yes, all in that. But sadly, in real life, it’s plain opposite. In real life, he’s not the one in that tiny little chatbox anymore. Which is sad, by the way. Because my heart leaps when I see him but he is showing he doesn’t even care. Or maybe he was just pretending to have a sweet mouth (oh, make that a sweet hand) in the net. But in reality, he isn’t. So, that’s it. I don’t know what to expect anymore. That makes the virtual world so deceitful.

So, what happens next?

I dunno. Maybe, I’ll take one step backward. and  more steps backward soon. Because I now realize I have to detach myself from being too close with the “virtual” and go get a real life soon! As for that person, I don’t know if you’ll be part of my reality. If that happens, well and good. If not, I’ll just say hello to earth!

*Did I even make sense? Duh. Will prolly delete this post.


Bossa Nova Nights at Mexitalian Hammer Time

April 28, 2011 Leave a comment

When I found out that it’s a Bossa Nova Night every wednesday night at Mexitalian Hammer  Time, I was excited to visit the place! So yesterday, Wella and I went to Hammer  Time to experience the bossa feel. We got there at almost 8pm and immediately heard the wonderful bossa music. The group performed very familiar bossa nova songs (take it from a bossa nova addict like me) so I was like singing along with them the whole time. They performed songs like So Nice, At Seventeen, and I’ll Take Care Of You. They also played bossa nova renditions of popular love songs like Stuck On You, Sad To Belong, The Past, and Insensitive. They even played Sitti‘s songs. Here’s a video I took of the band singing a popular filipino bossa  nova song entitled PARA SA  AKIN:

Sorry for the low quality of the video. The audio is great though! 

By the way, what’s great about Hammer Time is that they allow the audience to jam with the band. A guy from the crowd  last night even sang Beautiful In My Eyes. 

I will be back for sure! Experience Bossa Nova nights at Mexitalian Hammer Time! Hopefully, I’ll be able to have the courage to jam next time!

The Kagay-anon!-

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La Favorita Home Made Ice Cream

April 27, 2011 1 comment

My new favorite food trip! Home-made ice cream!

There is a new ice cream station in town! La Favorita Home Made Ice Cream is located at the Divisoria Arcade just beside Greenwich. I really love their ice cream because it’s not too sweet unlike other commercialized ice creams available in the market.  It’s basically home-made, made out of love!

They got a lot of flavors available. Some are even unique. Go with the unfamiliar ones like the  Macapuno, Atis, Durian,  and the Caramilk. They’re a  must-try!

They’re not only delicious, they’re affordable too!  You may even choose to have your ice cream in cone or in cup.

For a  diet and health conscious like me who doesn’t like  sugar, don’t worry, they  have a SUGAR-FREE ice cream and  you can have it in 3 flavors.  Personally, I like the Mocha  Chip Sugar Free Ice Cream! Yummy! 🙂

Want some?

The Kagay-anon!-

Tropicale (The Openshoot)

April 27, 2011 Leave a comment

There’s  another summer-themed openshoot coming up here in CDOC this May! I’m not sure if it’s going to be great but maybe you wanna try it out! For queries, contact the number listed in the poster. 🙂

My Journey to ‘Virgen sa Guadalupe’

April 22, 2011 2 comments

Spent Maundy Thursday at the Guadalupe Shrine in Brgy. Tablon once again. This was my 3rd time to visit the place and have my station of the cross there. Just like my previous trek at the place, it’s very fulfilling. The view of nature is spectacular. The station of the cross is challenging. I am reminded of God’s passion, blessings, and unconditional love. I recommend you to spend a part of your Holy Week there.

On our way to Brgy. Tablon. That’s my cousin Jessa and I.

Upon arriving Tablon, we need to ride a “tricycle” to reach the starting point of the river trek. That’s my cousin Jenard and I.

At the starting point, there are candles and sticks sold. The candles are for the station of the cross. The sticks are for the river trek. You need the stick to keep your balance while crossing the river. Also, sunglasses and a cap is very important.

That’s my aunt Venus, my mom Fely, me, and Jessa. We’re ready now! It’s good to have companions.

We have to hold our slippers. It’s easier to cross the river on barefoot, even if it hurts. Outdoor Sandals is recommended. No to slippers.

We have to cross the river 9 times to go through the station of the cross. 🙂 Quite challenging, yes.

The very essence of the trek is to pray at each station. It’s a reminder of Jesus’ passion.

We had stops along the way.

Cross the river again…

Walk a very long distance…

Until we reached the Guadalupe shrine.

At the foot of the shrine, we can eat our baons and bond.

Or ride a horse.

But don’t forget to hear mass (if there is) and/or pray at the chapel. 🙂

I even get a chance to capture wonderful sights at the place. See the photos here.

Until next year.

-The Kagay-anon!-

Metro Manila 2011

April 21, 2011 Leave a comment

Hi! I just recently went to Manila to attend an event  (work-related) there and it was so memorable!

I’ve been to Manila many times already but I haven’t really got the chance to roam around the metro (since it has always been just a side trip) until this recent trip of mine. I enjoyed it!

I won’t be giving a very-detailed blog of this trip  since I know it would bore you to death (Most of  the time, we were doing some work-related stuff). Instead, I’ll just be showing some of the things we did that you can do in Manila too.  Hope this will be a great help to newbies in the metro. 🙂


Green Hills. It is where you can find a lot of beautiful stuff with very cheap prizes. I got to buy shoes, bags, and other accessories during our visit there.  It did not cost me more than a thousand to have complete outfit! You can even haggle too! Plus, it’s convenient and comfortable unlike other bargain shops.

Eastwood City, Libis. Restaurants, Galleries, Boutiques, Entertainment. You name it, Eastwood has it! It’s a nice place to just chill! You might even spot a celebrity or two. 🙂

Museums. In Manila, you can visit a lot of museums where you can learn a lot about the Filipino culture and history. I find the National Museum very educational. It’s a must-visit! 🙂

Rates: Museo ng Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas – P100.00 ; National Museum – P100.00

Manila Ocean Park. One of the enjoyable tourist spots in Manila. See the beauty of marine life! 🙂

Rate: For P500.00, you get to visit the Oceanarium, Jellies (Dancing Jelly Fishes), Marine Nature Park (Sea Lions), and the Marine Show. It will take you approximately half day to tour the place.

Watch the Jellies:

Punchline. If you are IN for a night of fun and music, why not try going to comedy bars like Punchline? It will not hurt. Just prepare yourself. hehehe 🙂

Rate: It depends. When we went to Punchline, the entrance fee was P250.00 and we still have to buy our drinks. The guest for that night was Regine Velasquez’ famous impersonator ANTON DIVA.

Aliwan Fiesta. The best time to visit Manila is when there are feasts / festivals happening where you get to watch parades of colorful floats and dancing filipinos showcasing the rich Philippine culture.

Fun Run. If you are a fitness and running buff like me, Manila is the best place to go! There are lots of fun runs and marathons happening every now and then. It was so great that when the time we visited Manila, there was a running event and it’s even for a cause. I grabbed the opportunity, of course! 🙂

The best part of this trip? The MRT Ride!!!

More places to visit in my next trip to Manila! Till then! 🙂

-The Kagay-anon!-

Magic Workshop

April 20, 2011 Leave a comment

Greetings from the Group:

We would like to invite the parents to enroll their children to our upcoming magic workshop this coming May 2 to 6. Let your kids learn how to do magic tricks and be a magician in just 1 week. Let your child amaze you and your family. Just visit our registration table for more info.

We highly recommend teenagers and adults to join our street magic workshop and learn to be a magician in less than 1 week. Learn the magic of David Blane and other famous magicians. Amaze your friends and family.

Registration is Php2000 with Free Magic Kit. 15% discount for participants who will register before May 2, 2011.

May 2-6 2011
from 2pm to 5pm 🙂

Registration going on.. Register NOW!

Photo and Text by  Reuben Rafael Lardizabal

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