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Soft Opening of “Outbox”: I was there!

An online friend of mine, a former DJ of a radio station here in Cagayan de Oro, invited me through facebook to the soft opening of a new bar in the city named “Outbox”. I went there last night with a co-blogger Wella. At first, we were kinda hesitant to get inside since there were few people outside the place. But since the entrance fee of P50.00 is quite cheap, we tried it. When we entered the place, we were amazed with the ambience. That’s the first thing we noticed immediately. The zen theme (majority white) made the place cozy. The effect of colorful lights was enough to make us feel relaxed. The sofas made us  comfortable. Serving of our orders was quick.  Acoustic and Folk songs were played to go with the light ambience. Generally, the place is good and I recommend it. The formal opening will be on April 2, 2011. So, will I be back? Prolly, yes.  Hopefully, more party tunes will be playing then.

Too bad I wasn’t able to bring a camera to take photos and videos of the place. But don’t worry, Wella posted a blog about it. You may take a glimpse of this new cool place in town at http://www.everythingcdo.com/2011/03/outbox-newest-way-to-get-out-of-your.html

So get OUT of your BOX and party! 🙂

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