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Gawad Kalinga House Build for a Breast Cancer Patient

Ok. Some time this February, a wonderful opportunity to share and help came to me and I immediately grabbed it. I was really interested to join a GK House Build for so long, so I was really happy when Maggi (one of the members) gave me an information about a particular House Build. The date was set and details were given. I was so excited for that one particular Sunday to arrive!

It was a day before the Valentines Day. The perfect day to give love.

We met up with some of the GK members at Dunkin Donuts Divisoria and just 2 hours before lunch, we headed to Indahag where the house is located.

Upon arriving there, I realized that we were not in a Gawad Kalinga Village. The members explained that it was actually a SPECIAL house build. The house built was just part of a local community as a gift for a mother who is suffering from breast cancer.

The house was built for 3 months and on that particular sunday, it was already standing. We were then told that all we have to do on that day is to paint the walls and prepare the floor for tiling. Right after instructions were given, we started painting. The colors were chosen by the breast cancer patient herself. Light Green in the outside. Sky Blue in the inside. Cool colors to lighten her days. We worked from 10 am to 4pm.

That’s Maggi and I. 🙂

With CdoKada’s Pearl and Roie.

What is so sad about the experience that day is that while we were doing our work, we can hear the cries and screams of Manang every now and then because of the pain she felt from her open wound. And when you will look at her, you can see the hurt in her eyes. You can even see the wound. The cancer that controls her life. The cancer, as the doctor diagnosed, could no longer be cured and Manang will only have a few more months to live.

I hope Manang will be happy for this gift and I know she will be there during the blessing and the completion of the house.  It will be a wonderful home for their family, as it is made with LOVE and CARE. As for Gawad Kalinga, my biggest salute goes to them for giving and for developing long-term projects such as this one. More power GK! 🙂

I sincerely hope to join another house build soon. Wanna come with me? Let’s be part of the modern heroes of today’s time! 🙂


-The Kagay-anon!-


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