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I learned about LOVE, SEX, and KWEK KWEK.

Is LOVE an emotion or decision? Do you go for a long-distance relationship or not? Are you in favor of sex before marriage or do you believe it should happen after the wedding day?

These were just some of the questions raised and discussed in yesterday’s LifeBox XPerience episode entitled “LOVE, SEX, and KWEK KWEK: The second time around”.

The activity was held for teenagers and young professionals (like me) to discuss in small groups about different issues on LOVE and SEX. Many opinions and ideas were shared but all of which were respected by everybody in the room. We had a light sharing of our experiences and thoughts on each of the issue and some of use were called to speak in front of the entire crowd. Afterwards, happily married couples talked about the issues which gave a lot of enlightenment to all of us. First hand information is really best. We really learned something and we even had “kwek kwek” too. 🙂


It doesn’t really matter whether it’s a long distance relationship or not. What is important is the DIRECTION of that relationship.

LOVE is a process. It starts with emotion. You decide using that emotion.

There could be good and bad emotions. But we can decide what could be our emotions are. Especially in the aspect of LOVE.

SEX before marriage creates insecurity.

SEX after the wedding day is always worth the wait.

We can only feel the fullness of God’s gift if we do it with our husband or wife.

See you next year! 🙂


-The Kagayanon!-

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