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Interview with the Quantum Photoshop Competition 2011 winners

Quantum is a tradition of Xavier Computer Enthusiasts’ League (XCEL) of Xavier University since 1994. It is pure competition participated by different schools in Mindanao. Its objectives are to test the level of knowledge and literacy of high school students in Computer and Information Technology and develop a science and technology culture among the youth.

With this year’s theme: “Maximizing the Potential of Information Technology for Economic Development”, QITC aims to offer information on how to dramatically improve the productivity and quality of Information Technology economically. It’s about leveraging lessons from splendid keynotes speeches from experts that provide discussion about the best practices applied today in the economy through Information Technology.

Source: qitc.xu.edu.ph


One of the events of this year’s QITC (Quantum and Information Technology Convention) was the Photoshop competition participated by high school students from the different schools in the city.

It was held last February 5, 2011 (SAT) 11:00am – 4:00pm at Lab C, 3rd floor CIT building, Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan and the Awarding and Closing Ceremonies was held on the 5th of February 4:00pm at the Atrium, Ground Floor, SM City Cagayan de Oro after the Quiz Show. The participants were asked to create a poster relevant to the theme.

Corpus Christi High School emerged as the champion, while Lapasan National High School and the Regional Science Highschool bagged the 2nd and 3rd places respectively.

The Kagay-anon had the opportunity to interview two of the winners of the said competition. Let us read how Priyanka Jainani of Corpus Christi and Michelle Bacabac of the Regional Science High School made their way to the top.

Priyanka Jainani, champion (Photo by Josan Astrid Demetita)

The Kagay-anon: What was the competition all about?

Mich: It was all about designing a poster in which the medium is the computer. You make digital art using the software Adobe Photoshop.

Yanka: We were tasked to make a poster that would reflect the contest’s theme, “Maximizing the Potentials of Information Technology for Economic Development” using Adobe Photoshop CS3. We were to create the images on our own (using only the mouse, no digital tablets were allowed) and we were not allowed to import anything from the internet or any other external source. The time allotted was 3 hours and although it may seem like a long time, 180 minutes whizzed by in no time!

Michelle Bacabic, 3rd place (Photo by Josan Astrid Demetita)

The Kagay-anon: How did you join the competition?

Mich: I joined by registering in qitc’s website. Well, my coach registered me. Our school was informed through an invitation letter.

Yanka: I was informed by my Computer teacher four days prior to the competition.

The Kagay-anon: What were your preparations for the competition?

Mich: I already know how to use Photoshop so I didn’t really have to study and learn the basics. I actually searched for tutorials on the internet to learn new techniques in designing. And I always browse images on the internet for inspiration.

Yanka: I practiced every day for four days for at least 5 hours, which was spent brain storming and organizing. I only trained at school and didn’t really practice at home. I was consistently pulled out of prom practice in order for me to train, which was a good thing and a bad thing at the same time!

The winning entry by Yanka

The Kagay-anon: What happened during the competition?

Mich: We were given the mechanics and criteria before the start of the competition. We had 3 hours to make the poster and we were also in the same room with the Paint participants. Everything was smooth and the computers were working very well.

Yanka: Since the competition day fell on the day after prom, I was really groggy that morning. Sometime during the competition proper, I excused myself and went to the comfort room and felt like dozing off! For my final work, I made a similar poster to the one I made as a trial during my training sessions, but I would honestly say that it was more detailed and more well thought of compared to the practice sketch. About 116 layers later, when I finally passed my work and got a glimpse of my seatmates’ creations, I felt really insecure! Since this was my first shot at joining a contest that was Photoshop-related, plus the fact that I only self-taught myself on Photoshop and didn’t really have any formal art education, I couldn’t help but feel so unexperienced.

The Kagay-anon: What did you feel about winning?

Mich: I was really excited about winning the competition because we have cash prize. Haha

Yanka: I didn’t believe it! When they showed everyone’s work on the projector screen while awarding the certificates of participation, I couldn’t stop myself from being so discouraged! They were all so amazing! I wasn’t even called up on stage to get a certificate of participation (I was told afterwards that they couldn’t read my name properly, something like that,) and I already felt that my creation was so out of place amongst all the amazing artworks of the other participants. After they called out the award for third place, I practically stopped listening to the announcement, but when the award for the champion was called out and my school was mentioned, I couldn’t help but smile in happiness!

3rd place entry by Mich

The Kagay-anon: What advise can you give to all those who want to join contests like this?

Mich: Keep on practicing Adobe Photoshop. It’s a really great software wherein you can express yourself through art. Enjoy and love what you do.

Yanka: Sleep well before the competition and organize your thoughts even before the contest day. Brainstorming on the day itself would be too time consuming. Believe in your capabilities and the quality of your work! Beam that you’d top everyone else — it wouldn’t hurt to be optimistic! And of course, before you even draw that first shape or create that first layer, pray. It works.


To learn more about QITC, click here http://qitc.xu.edu.ph/.


-The Kagay-anon!-


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