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Reflection on Njel De Mesa’s SUUBTEXT

Communication Technology in today’s world has become very efficient in connecting the lives of people. Mobile phones and the internet are now widely used to communicate with loved ones, peers, and even strangers. Communication is now easier, faster and wider. With just one press of the “send” button or the “enter” key, you are now connected with the rest of the world. Indeed, our way of communication has gone a long, long way.

However, the other side of it is quite disturbing. In communication, once you miss something, you already know what will happen. Yes, miscommunication. There are times when we are deceived by what we read in our phones or what we see in our computers. Sometimes, we also tend to give a different meaning to what we see and read.  A simple sms like “take care” and “i love you” may create different meanings and intentions to the sender and to the reader. A simple e-mail of “You won a $1,000.00” may bring you to trouble. Thus, conflict happens. Relationship fails. Miscommunication.

What am I really trying to point out? Well, communication technology ain’t bad at all. It’s actually just a matter of reading between the lines. Scrutinize texts and posts we see, read, or even hear. Find out the meaning by giving further questions. Do not easily believe without research. Or better yet, face the person in reality and hear  the words in person. Wouldn’t it be great?


–The Kagayanon!–


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