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Experience Great Adrenaline Rush! CDO Bugsay White Water Rafting Adventure!

Before 2010 ended, I had a blast! Last December 30, 2010, I went white water rafting with my college buddies and some friends here in the White Water Rafting Capital of the Philippines. My friends and I were beginners but we took the Advanced Course (instead of the Beginners’).  We were really confident to face the 24 rapids huh? Well, yeah… But I tell you, I was really nervous at first. I am not a swimmer. In fact, I don’t know how to swim. But I promised myself I’m gonna conquer my fears. After inhales and exhales and a little bit of Woah! here and there, I finally got to conquer the river waters of Cagayan de Oro. This made my 2010 adventure complete!

My friends and Imet up in Dunkin Donuts Divisoria at 7am. We chatted, took pictures, and signed our waivers.

The river guides arrived and we immediately loaded the jeepney. We still have to wait for the other group though. Chatted and took more photos at the jeepney. We even impulsively bought leggings and souvenirs while waiting for the other group to arrive.

The location of our river rafting experience is at Mambuaya, Lumbia, CDOC. When we arrived there, we changed clothes (making sure to cover our arms and legs), took more photos of ourselves with our rafting gears, and had the orientation.

Since most of us were beginners, we were really nervous and excited the same time! 🙂

After having our orientation, we’re all set! Let’s go!

Still waters is

…where we got to go sight-seeing!! The view from the river was spectacular. Nature was really beautiful.

…where we got to go swimming. Even if it was very deep and even if I do not know how to swim, I was still able to float! Thank you LifeVest!


More rapids!!


Forward! Back Paddle! Stop! High Five!

We love the rapids! In fact, we even asked for bigger, higher, and stronger ones!!!

We were also able to pass by a small cave in the middle of our journey.

We were told that it would take 5 hours to finish the Advanced Course. So we took a break halfway. We were given 10 minutes to bring back our energies.


Then, the adventure continued…

…and after 5 hours of conquering the rapids, we finally came to the end.

Had a year-ender blast indeed!!!! 🙂 🙂  More adventure to come!!!

If you wanna watch the videos of our white water rafting adventure,

you may view ’em here, here, here or here.


Expenses: P1000.00 per person – Advanced Course with food + free photos and videos, P150.00 for the leggings, P50.00 for the souvenir = P1200.00

It’s worth it! I promise!


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