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The Kagayanon Fun: XUGS Feast of the Holy Guardian Angels 2010

Feast of the Holy Guardian Angels 2010

Every last week of October, Xavier University Grade School celebrates the Feast of the Holy Guardian Angels. This is also called XUGS FIESTA.

If you are familiar of the XU DAYS which happen every first week of December at the XU main campus (college), the XUGS FIESTA is also something like that. It’s a mini-version of the XU Days.

So… what can you actually do during the XUGS fiesta?

This year, I really enjoyed the feast! I kept on moving around the campus just to see and experience what’s happening.

Let me share you some things you may do during the feast. Hopefully with this, you will be able to join us next year!!!


1. Watch the different dance contests. The dance contests of the different grade levels usually happens on the first day of the feast and it’s actually one of the highlights of the entire celebration.

These are my Grade 2- St. Matthew Dancers. You may watch their dance here.

2. Buy something at the Rummage Sale. Stalls and sales are everywhere in the campus during the 3-day feast. For sure, you’ll be able to buy something cheaper.

3. Eat something you haven’t eaten for years!!!

Yes! I was able to eat cotton candy again after 3 years!! Weeeee!!

4. Take lotsa photos with the beautiful backdrops you can see around the campus.

5. Eat! Eat! Eat! With all those food stalls you can see around, you simply cannot resist eating!!! hahaha.

6. Act like a child… and PLAY!

I tried the “Shoot the Ring” game and I actually lost!! huhuhuhu.

But I was still happy because I was still given a prize!! Yipppeee!!

7. Do some cute and weird poses in front of many people…

Yes! We did all of these in front of the pupils and parents! hehehe.


9. Wear those masks… and just goof around!!

10. Watch the Field Demonstrations of the pupils! The highlight of the feast and definitely, a must-see!

11. Get a tattoo…

Don’t worry! This is just fake! 🙂 🙂

12. Face paint!!!!

My pupil Jasmine with her cute butterfly-design face paint ! 🙂 🙂

13. Take lots of pictures with people you haven’t seen for so long…

with my former pupil Elda!!!


…and basically, just enjoy!!!


More photos of this set here.


-The Kagayanon!–


Thank you for viewing my blog. God bless you always.


No part of this blog shall be placed or poster elsewhere without the consent of the author. Please pay some due respect. All Rights Reserved 2010. Thank you.

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