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MORE BITES PIZZA: More Bites, More Fun!

I actually have a great craving for Pizza!! It has been my comfort food ever since and it actually gives me a different kind of high! Call it addiction. Yes, I’m guilty of that.

Anyway,  because of this unusual craving for pizza, I’ve been trying different pizza variants in different pizza places here in CDOC. I’ve tried most of the pizza stores here and recently,  I came across with this new pizza place in town!

More Bites Pizza! More Bites, More Fun!

Being a pizza lover myself,  when I found out about MORE BITES in facebook, I told myself I gotta try this one. What’s amazing is that the owner has been very nice and is very patient in advertising his product. He keeps on flooding our walls with the catchy phrase “mag MORE BITES PIZZA nah :)”. I found it cute actually… and eventually, we started communicating in facebook.

Finally, on the evening of  September 29, 2010, with the invitation from Sir Mark of Gold Star Daily, I got to try the “more bites, more fun” feel.

The pizza was great! It was creamy, crunchy, slightly hot… just the right kind of pizza I wanted!!! If I did not have my snacks before that, I could have eaten more. Nevertheless, their pizza is really a must-try!

…And oh, I also got to meet the man behind this new pizza place and behind the very patient advertiser of “mag MORE BITES PIZZA nah! :)” He was nice and very accommodating. 🙂

It actually did not end there, just this evening (a week after my first bite), I had my second bite of their pizza— this time, with a new variant. Their so-called FULL HOUSE! I do not know why they call it as such but one thing’s for sure!! –— It made me so full!! Hahahaha. I actually ate the whole thing!! Double Hahahaha!!! 🙂

I ate it all by myself… teehee… 🙂

The yummy FULL HOUSE which made me so full!!! hehehe. 🙂

Indeed, in MORE BITES PIZZA! With every bite comes fun! More Bites, More Fun! Clap Clap!

I’ll be back again soon!!!!!! 🙂



Sample Menu:

Location Map:

For details and other information, please visit http://www.morebitespizza.com

and add MORE BITES CAGAYAN or like MORE BITES PIZZA in facebook


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