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Reviewing Paraisong Kwadrado: Our Lives in a Box

Reviewing Paraisong Kwadrado : Our Lives in a Box

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Paraisong Kwadrado is a short, simple, funny story with a heart. In the play, the realities are clearly being shown. As the plot revolves around 6 characters with clashing personalities and different backgrounds, audience can really relate to one of them. It’s a true-to-life story. It’s actually what we are.

Paraisong Kwadrado is a paradox of how being trapped in a box becomes a way to momentary solitude. This box could be in any form where we thought we can be at peace at, but not really. Which we think can give us stability, but not actually. The 6 characters in the story have the shoe storeroom as their “box” and they have varied reactions to their lives inside it. Each of them has a story to tell and each of them happens to be cornered in that box. Some wants to escape but some has the box as their refuge.

This just show that sometimes no matter how we work hard to gain freedom of our lives and our resources, there are just external factors stopping us from aspiring more. In reality, we cannot always get what we deserve because it is always a matter of competition, of who will reach the top and who will remain at the bottom. A triangular capitalism system. Sadly, most of us are down there. Trapped in a box of no assurance. Lives we forcefully work for.

The paradise is way up there. But we are strained to create one down here. Even if it’s just a small “paraisong kwadrado”. And to most of us, it’s the LIFE that we have.

—The Kagayanon!! —

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Paraisong Kwadrado is the “Binisaya” portrayal of Orlando Nadres’ Paraisong Parisukat. Brought to you by Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan College of Agriculture, Development Communication Department.

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