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Bumblebee in Divisoria! ! ! :)

BUMBLEBEE in Divisoria!

As part of the surprise for the tutees of CDO Street Tutorials, BUMBLEBEE came over to dance and mingle with the people! It was a delight for the kids.

And when I say “kids”, that also includes us “the not so young anymore”. We’re kids too (I mean, kids at heart. No negative reactions please. hehehe). We did not lose the chance to goof around with Bumblebee. :))

make way for Bumblebee!!!

and Bumblebee started to dance!!!

and the kids were really enjoying!!!

and now, it’s our turn to shine!!!

Hey! That’s why we are called “TEACHERS”. We can relate with our students. 🙂 (me and teacher Phil)

Manong really wanted to join us, so go!!! hehehe.


What a fun, fun, fun night that was!!!

Till next time!


CDO Street Tutorials happens every Monday and Wednesday

7pm at the Magsaysay Park, Divisoria, Cagayan de Oro City.

For interested parties and for queries, please add “CDO Street Tutorial” on facebook.

-The Kagayanon!-

Thank you for viewing my blog . God bless you.

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