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Libot-Libot sa Dakbayan: A CDO Intimate Historical City Tour

The Kagayanon joined the…

Libot-Libot sa Dakbayan : A CDO Intimate Historical City Tour

September 19, 2010

I arrived at the assembly area at exactly 7:43 am. I did not know what to expect and I also did not know who will be with me. I basically did not have an idea on what will happen. I knew it was going to be a city tour but the details on where to go was a big question mark. When I arrived, there was already a group of people waiting. Later, I found out some of them were from the Adventure One Travel and Destinations, some were tourist guides from GAMA and the rest were attendees like me. We loaded the bus once it arrived. Then, the tour started.

1st Stop : Gaston Park

The assembly area was actually at the Gaston Park near the Old Water Tank (which is now converted into a museum). Few minutes later after we loaded the bus, one of the tourist guides started to discuss the itinerary. We found out that the first stop of the tour was actually right where we had our assembly. She started explaining a brief history about the gaston park and how significant the place is for the Kagayanons.

You may see the video of the tourist explaining here.

We went to a marker in Gaston Park. The Marker is a simple remembrance of the battle of Cagayan de Oro against the Americans. It’s a symbol of courage of the Kagayanons. There’s so much to tell but you may want to hear the story yourself.

You may watch and listen to the tourist guide explaining the battle here.

Some facts about the Gaston Park:

  1. Japanese planted Cherry Blossom trees around the park and some of these trees are still standing there until now.
  2. The location of the City Hall now is also the location of the City Hall before.

2nd Stop : St. Augustine Cathedral

Our next stop was at the St. Augustine Cathedral beside the Gaston Park. We went inside the cathedral and learned so many things there.

Some facts about the cathedral:

  1. The stained glass windows were donated by a group of nuns from new york. There are 9 glass windows in the Cathedral which shows the life of Jesus.

2.  The cross that you can see outside the cathedral has been there from 1888. It’s one of the relics of the cathedral that is being preserved.

3. Some of the priests were buried inside the cathedral.

4. The cathedral will not become a cathedral without a cathedra. Only the archbishop can seat on the cathedra.

5. Beside the cathedral is the Archbishop Mansion where the Archbishop lives.

inside the Archbishop mansion

You may watch and here the history of the St. Augustine Cathedral here and here.

3rd Stop : Macahambus Cave

I was actually excited with our 3rd stop. I was still in Elementary since I last visited there and I was really excited to be back there again!

Now, I learned that the Macahambus Cave is not just an ordinary cave. In fact, it does not have a distinct or beautiful aesthetic feature. What makes it unique and interesting is its history. It’s actually a symbol of our victory against Americans before. It’s considered now a local and national heritage as it reminds Filipinos the struggle for freedom… And how we succeeded!

views from the Macahambus Cave

You may see the video of the tourist explaining here.

4th Stop: McArthur Marker

The McArthur Marker is one of the remembrances of General McArthur’s heroism. We learned that he stopped by Cagayan de Oro wharf (which is now Pier) when he escaped and went to Australia.

You may listen to the tour guide here.

5th stop : Museo de Oro

I actually laughed when I learned about our 5th and last stop. I mean, I’ve been there so many times already. The place was not new to me. I’ve seen the artifacts before which shows the Philippine Religiosity and Culture, as well as the History of Cagayan de Oro.

We’re not allowed to take pictures and videos inside the Museum. But definitely, it’s one place to go if you want to learn more about the Philippines, particularly Mindanao and Cagayan de Oro.


It was a fun and very educational city tour! I highly recommend it not only to tourists, but to Kagayanons as well. We should be proud as to what we have! We have a very rich history! If all of us will just know the information I learned from the tour, then our behavior towards our city will definitely change… for the better.

If you are interested to join tours such as this one, please let me know so that I can inform you when a tour will happen again!

-The Kagayanon!-

Thank you Adventure One Travel and Destinations for the opportunity… and err, snacks and lunch… hehehe… It was all worth it. Till next time!

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