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Finally! After being a fan and a follower for quite some time, I was able to watch them perform live and see them in person! 🙂


Lighthearted Album Tour

June 27 2010 ; SM City CDOC


The show was to start at 6pm but I was already there at the venue by 4pm. I was really that excited. Good thing when I arrived, the event center was not full yet and I saw some chairs in front unoccupied. So, i immediately bought the LIGHTHEARTED CD at the back and went to a front chair.

Eventually, the event area became full. At almost 6pm, they went onstage.

Because I was seated in front, I was able to get clear photos and videos of them. Yes! I was really starstrucked! 🙂

Annie Quintos and Jay Marquez

Sweet Plantado

Cecile Bautista

Moy Ortiz

They sang original, old songs and some songs from their new album. Iwas really in awe when they sang one of my favorite songs… “Everlasting Love”.

I was really laughing when Kuya Moy made fun of his chair. Pulling it up and down while singing. 🙂

The ladies of THE COMPANY sang Taylor Swift’s “FIFTEEN“.

This part was heart-breaking. It’s like they are giving advises to their daughters. 🙂


It’s really good to hear and watch this group sing “lightheartedly”.

Oh by the way, I did not pass the chance to get my CD signed. How can I?

with Kuya Moy Ortiz

It was a great mall show! I am really hoping to see this group next time. For the meantime, I am just getting updates of them from facebook.


Please do grab THE COMPANY’s new album entitled LIGHTHEARTED.

Duet Versions of the following 14 tracks:

1. Empire State of Mind                              8. Let’s Just Fall In Love Again

2. Do You Remember                                 9. Lucky

3. Thinking of You                                        10. Smile

4. One Less Lonely Girl/Boy                    11. You Belong With Me

5. Fireflies                                                        12. Two Is Better Than One

6. Half Of My Heart                                       13. Good Girls Go Bad

7. Fifteen                                                          14. Where Are You Now

Enjoy this cool, relaxing, soothing album of the premiere vocal group, THE COMPANY!


–The Kagayanon!–



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  1. September 3, 2010 at 1:14 pm

    Wow Roxanne! This is such a great and detailed documentation of the event. How can I forget the warmest audience we’ve ever experienced, only in cdoc. Thank you for this and we hope to be back soon! :-).


    • September 8, 2010 at 6:30 am

      oohhh… thanks a bunch kuya Jay! I hope to be able to watch you again live soon! 🙂

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