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Cucina De Oro : Home of the Best Pochero and Ostrich dishes in CDOC

Last week, my mom and I decided to eat out. We were supposed to eat in Limketkai Mall when we passed by Cucina de Oro. At one glance, the place does not look good. It looked like a typical restaurant. But since it was our first time to get curious of the place, we decided to try.

Amazingly, the clean, organized, and cozy ambience welcomed us as we got closer to the restaurant.

Looking at the place, I said to my mom, “Ma, murag mahal man siguro dinhi (Ma, I think it’s expensive here.)” My mom shrugged and said “Let’s just give it a try.” So, we got inside.

First Impression : The restaurant crew were very nice. When we entered the restaurant, a waiter immediately greeted us with a smile and escorted us inside.

Then, the waiter asked “Ma’am, sa aircon mo or dili? (Are you going to stay inside the area with air conditioner or not?)

Ohhh. The best thing in that place. They have an area with air conditioning units and an area without. So you can choose where you’re comfortable at.

We were then given two menus. One menu is for their local specialties. The other was for their mediterranean cuisine.

We opted for the local menu. I do not have any idea about mediterranean food. hehe. 🙂

While waiting for the food, I looked around the place and all I can say is a big C-L-E-A-N! As in! They even set a fountain which have many colorful lights making the place very cozy. 🙂

And then the food arrived. We ordered POCHERO (That’s mom’s favorite) and some more. Then we both agreed it was the best POCHERO we tasted. Better than the ones famous in Cebu. Yes. Hear me right. Their pochero is the best for me! If you’ll visit this restaurant, never go out if you did not try their pochero.

Good thing we were able to order food just enough for us. 🙂 I guess we were just so hungry.


After eating, I asked for the bill and there it goes — > no more than P 500.00. The three of us ate as much as we could for only P 455.00. It was really cheap, yet we were so full.

That’s what you get when you visit CUCINA DE ORO. Cozy ambience. Warm and friendly crew. Clean place. Affordable but delicious food.

I will go back for sure! Gotta try those Ostrich dishes! 🙂

–The Kagay-anon!–


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