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Hong Kong Noodle Factory

I’m not really a fan of noodles but since a friend of mine introduced this noodle cart in Robinsons, I can’t help but crave for ‘em! :) If you happen to pass by the 2nd level of Robinsons Supermarket, stop at Hong Kong Noodle Factory and grab a cup of noodles!

Their noodles are just like the instant noodles we buy from stores. But what I like about this ‘noodle factory’ is their sauces. They have Teriyaki, Oyster, Hot Chili, Sweet Chili, and the plain Soy Sauce. Their teriyaki sauce is different than the other teriyaki sauce I tasted and their oyster sauce is a must-try! :)

What I love to do is combine Teriyaki, Oyster, and Soy Sauce as seasoning to my noodles. It may sound weird but it tastes good for me! Go try it! :)

With P 32.00, you may have a cup of noodles for snacks and even for meals. One cup of noodles can already feed my hungry stomach. In fact, I sometimes make it as my lunch. :)

Now, this is my noodles with egg seasoned with teriyaki, oyster, and soy sauce. Love it!

Some other food are available as well.

Noodles! Noodles! Try Hong Kong Noodles now!

-The Kagay-anon! -




My love for crepes: Crepe Station

Woah! After 8 years, I was able to eat my favorite crepe once again! The CREPE Station located at the 4th level of Gaisano Mall had been my food haven when I was still in high school. Since our school was just a walking distance, we always hang-out in Gaisano and most often, my friends and I have crepes as snacks. Not only affordable, the CREPE Station offers the yummiest crepes in town! Simply the best!

Just recently, my friends and I dropped by Gaisano Mall to purchase some stuff and we happened to pass by the station. We gave it a try, of course! A reunion with my favorite comfort food before.

As you can see at the price list above, the crepes (with lots of variety to choose from) are affordable.

One thing I like about it is that the crepe is being cooked in front of me.

I’ve tried all the variants available before and  my most favorite is the Bacon, Cheese, and Egg. I recommend it. But it was not available the time we went there, so I had HAM and EGG instead. Not bad though.

Ingredients are mixed together and is being cooked in a small amount of cooking oil.

After that, the ingredients are placed in a “Lumpia” wrapper (I don’t know the original name). Mayonnaise and ketchup are being added afterwards.

Then, the wrapper is folded. The crepe is now ready to be served!

I got one bite immediately…

I think I’m going to have a craving for crepes once again! I want more! :)

-The Kagay-anon!-

Kiwi Swirl Frozen Yogurt

I’m a sucker for yogurts! I came to love this healthy snack from the time it came out  in the market.

Now, it has evolved into a yummier version to cater to those who are not really fond of it!  This version is called Frozen Yogurts. It’s like an ordinary sundae but is healthier. One of which is Kiwi Swirl.

Since they built Kiwi Swirl Cafe, I’ve been a regular customer. Every time I pass by the area, I always make a point of having a frozen yogurt from their store. Their yogurts are cheap. You can buy a cup of it in less than a hundred. Plus, you can stay at their cozy cafe with free wifi.

My favorite is the one with ripe mangoes. This is what I order most often.

Look at the interior. Very cozy.

For a early morning treat or a lazy afternoon chill.

That’s my friend Jeza…

and I having our frozen yogurt treat!

 It’s located at Don Apolinar Velez St. corner Gaerlan St, CDOC.

For queries, email ‘em at or visit their “Kiwi Swirl Frozen Yogurt” facebook page.

-The Kagay-anon!-





Soon to open: Camilla’s Snack Bar

Soon to open!!!

They offer sandwiches, pasta and coolers!

Located at Miranda Building, T.Chavez-Corrales Sts., Cagayan de Oro City.

Photos by Miguel Macariola
-The Kagay-anon!-

La Favorita Home Made Ice Cream

April 27, 2011 1 comment

My new favorite food trip! Home-made ice cream!

There is a new ice cream station in town! La Favorita Home Made Ice Cream is located at the Divisoria Arcade just beside Greenwich. I really love their ice cream because it’s not too sweet unlike other commercialized ice creams available in the market.  It’s basically home-made, made out of love!

They got a lot of flavors available. Some are even unique. Go with the unfamiliar ones like the  Macapuno, Atis, Durian,  and the Caramilk. They’re a  must-try!

They’re not only delicious, they’re affordable too!  You may even choose to have your ice cream in cone or in cup.

For a  diet and health conscious like me who doesn’t like  sugar, don’t worry, they  have a SUGAR-FREE ice cream and  you can have it in 3 flavors.  Personally, I like the Mocha  Chip Sugar Free Ice Cream! Yummy! :)

Want some?

-The Kagay-anon!-

Live Bossa Nova at Thai Me Up!

March 12, 2011 1 comment

Thai Me Up is one of my favorite restaurants in the city because of the music. You get to hear jazz and bossa nova music when you dine-in which gives a more comfortable eating experience.  I usually go there on Friday and/or Saturday evening where they play the genre LIVE by their singers or bands.

Here’s a snippet of Thai Me Up‘s “Bossa Nova Live”:

Video by Captured Cagayan de Oro.


Why is Thai Me Up my favorite AppeTHAIzing experience? Read here.


-The Kagay-anon!-

Craving for Japanese Food? Try RAMEN TEI!

October 17, 2010 Leave a comment

If you love JAPANESE food, you should try CDO’s…


They serve a variety of authentic Japanese food: Ramen, Noodles, Rice Toppings, and many many more.

If you don’t speak or understand the language, or if you haven’t tried eating Japanese food yet, don’t worry, their menu gives descriptions in English. You will know what each food is about.

You think eating in a Japanese Restaurant is expensive? Yes! But in Ramen Tei, you can still have a full meal even if you have a tight budget. They offer value meals for only P220.00 which includes dessert and drinks already. Try it for yourself!!!

I specifically suggest you try their PORK TENDERLOIN, SASHIMI, and their VEGETABLE DISHES. Very delicious!!

Going for Japanese Food? RAMEN TEI is the place to go!


-The Kagayanon!-


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Thank you for reading and viewing my blog! God bless you all! :)

MORE BITES PIZZA: More Bites, More Fun!

October 6, 2010 Leave a comment

I actually have a great craving for Pizza!! It has been my comfort food ever since and it actually gives me a different kind of high! Call it addiction. Yes, I’m guilty of that.

Anyway,  because of this unusual craving for pizza, I’ve been trying different pizza variants in different pizza places here in CDOC. I’ve tried most of the pizza stores here and recently,  I came across with this new pizza place in town!

More Bites Pizza! More Bites, More Fun!

Being a pizza lover myself,  when I found out about MORE BITES in facebook, I told myself I gotta try this one. What’s amazing is that the owner has been very nice and is very patient in advertising his product. He keeps on flooding our walls with the catchy phrase “mag MORE BITES PIZZA nah :)”. I found it cute actually… and eventually, we started communicating in facebook.

Finally, on the evening of  September 29, 2010, with the invitation from Sir Mark of Gold Star Daily, I got to try the “more bites, more fun” feel.

The pizza was great! It was creamy, crunchy, slightly hot… just the right kind of pizza I wanted!!! If I did not have my snacks before that, I could have eaten more. Nevertheless, their pizza is really a must-try!

…And oh, I also got to meet the man behind this new pizza place and behind the very patient advertiser of “mag MORE BITES PIZZA nah! :)” He was nice and very accommodating. :)

It actually did not end there, just this evening (a week after my first bite), I had my second bite of their pizza— this time, with a new variant. Their so-called FULL HOUSE! I do not know why they call it as such but one thing’s for sure!! -– It made me so full!! Hahahaha. I actually ate the whole thing!! Double Hahahaha!!! :)

I ate it all by myself… teehee… :)

The yummy FULL HOUSE which made me so full!!! hehehe. :)

Indeed, in MORE BITES PIZZA! With every bite comes fun! More Bites, More Fun! Clap Clap!

I’ll be back again soon!!!!!! :)



Sample Menu:

Location Map:

For details and other information, please visit

and add MORE BITES CAGAYAN or like MORE BITES PIZZA in facebook


–The Kagayanon!–


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Thai Me Up! : You’re ultimate local AppeTHAIzing Experience!

August 29, 2010 4 comments

Thai Me Up : An AppeTHAIzing Experience!

I first heard about this restaurant through my dear friend Ethel. Ever since I visited the place last April 2010, I kept coming back monthly. Yes, monthly. I save a portion of my money just to eat in this place. It’s been my addiction lately.

I gotta share the reasons why.

1. Thai me Up has a very cozy ambience. It’s a place where you can relax and chill-out. I can really spend a lot of hours here.

2. Thai Me Up offers affordable yet very delicious meals. I’ve never like the idea of eating Thai food before. But Thai Me Up’s different. Their dishes are savory. Now, there’s no need to spend much in this place. If you have P200.00 – P300.00 , that’s enough already.

I love their dessert called Choco Lava. It’s an ice cream with a chocolate that’s spicy. Weird? No, It’s delicious!

Let me show sample of their menu:

3. Thai Me Up has an exquisite taste for design. Their decorations, centerpieces, and furnitures are well-thought of. It’s like you’re in Thailand. :)


4. Thai Me Up plays Bossa Nova music live. :) If you like to chill and listen to good music, this is the place for you.

As I said earlier, I go there monthly. When was the last time? Just last night (August 28, 2010) with my college friends.

Indeed, Thai Me Up is your ultimate Thai AppeTHAIzing dining experience!


–The Kagayanon!–

Cucina De Oro : Home of the Best Pochero and Ostrich dishes in CDOC

August 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Last week, my mom and I decided to eat out. We were supposed to eat in Limketkai Mall when we passed by Cucina de Oro. At one glance, the place does not look good. It looked like a typical restaurant. But since it was our first time to get curious of the place, we decided to try.

Amazingly, the clean, organized, and cozy ambience welcomed us as we got closer to the restaurant.

Looking at the place, I said to my mom, “Ma, murag mahal man siguro dinhi (Ma, I think it’s expensive here.)” My mom shrugged and said “Let’s just give it a try.” So, we got inside.

First Impression : The restaurant crew were very nice. When we entered the restaurant, a waiter immediately greeted us with a smile and escorted us inside.

Then, the waiter asked “Ma’am, sa aircon mo or dili? (Are you going to stay inside the area with air conditioner or not?)

Ohhh. The best thing in that place. They have an area with air conditioning units and an area without. So you can choose where you’re comfortable at.

We were then given two menus. One menu is for their local specialties. The other was for their mediterranean cuisine.

We opted for the local menu. I do not have any idea about mediterranean food. hehe. :)

While waiting for the food, I looked around the place and all I can say is a big C-L-E-A-N! As in! They even set a fountain which have many colorful lights making the place very cozy. :)

And then the food arrived. We ordered POCHERO (That’s mom’s favorite) and some more. Then we both agreed it was the best POCHERO we tasted. Better than the ones famous in Cebu. Yes. Hear me right. Their pochero is the best for me! If you’ll visit this restaurant, never go out if you did not try their pochero.

Good thing we were able to order food just enough for us. :) I guess we were just so hungry.


After eating, I asked for the bill and there it goes — > no more than P 500.00. The three of us ate as much as we could for only P 455.00. It was really cheap, yet we were so full.

That’s what you get when you visit CUCINA DE ORO. Cozy ambience. Warm and friendly crew. Clean place. Affordable but delicious food.

I will go back for sure! Gotta try those Ostrich dishes! :)

–The Kagay-anon!–



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